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We are convinced:
With us you get the BEST website price-performance ratio in Leipzig & surroundings!

Yvonne Weißenborn und Frances Tscheu
Fabrikantinnen KESS FACTORY GmbH

Would you like to have a website that is not only modern and technically flawless, but also sells and brings you more customers? Yes? Then you are in the right place on our website FACTORY!

Here on this page you will learn how to get a KESSE website. Read more here OR get your website offer:

Yvonne Weißenborn and Frances Tscheu
Manufacturers KESS FACTORY GmbH
Why are our websites KESS?

We create SALES PSYCHOLOGICAL websites!

That is, you get your website, your one-pager, your landing page created like this,
that it sells, that your target group feels comfortable, that they speak your language and
all with SEO-optimized, positive sales language – if you like.

So, and now the six ultimate points you get at a KESSEN website:

Wir erstellen

Das heißt, Du bekommst Deine Website so erstellt, dass diese verkauft, dass sich Deine Zielgruppe wohlfühlt, dass sie Deine Sprache spricht und das Ganze mit SEO-optimierter, positiver Verkaufssprache – wenn Du magst.

So, und nun die sechs ultimativen Punkte, die Du bei einer KESSEN Website bekommst:

WEBSITE FOUNDATION WORKSHOP for the start of the website project
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As with house construction, a website also needs a stable and firm foundation. That’s the A&O for us, that’s where we start, that’s what we take the time to do.

To the included website Fundamentworkshop you can either come to us in the FACTORY at Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 1A (with 1A location) or we can meet via Zoom. Together we discuss your positioning, your orientation and define your corporate design as part of a mood board.

with momentum effect
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With what? With MOMENTUM effect! At KESS, we not only pay attention to beautiful website design, but also to sales and colour psychology! Optimized with a momentum that makes you and your company unique and unmistakable!

Many agencies can create chic websites. But let me tell you: Only a few people make sure that the website also sells. This is usually the point: corporate websites are supposed to increase sales, maximize profits or at least increase visibility. And if those aren’t reasons, then at least the first impression should be right, right?

And we pay attention to EVERYTHING and much more!
That’s KESS!

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The content matters – especially at KESS! You get SEO-optimized and sales-psychological website texts studded with positive rhetoric! Yes, we know the station wagon is rare. In our website projects, this combi is not only available, but also included in the package if desired. Unbelievable, but true!

You just provide us with key points, short content texts or your expertise – we take care of the rest! Why are we doing this? Because you entrust us with your business! And if you do, you should also get the best overall package!

You can only get a strong sales website with strong sales texts! And to write selling texts, you need a certain amount of know-how, experience and should sell yourself every day! It’s a good thing we’ve been doing this for almost 25 years, supporting over 2000 companies and writing over 200,000 texts on paper.

Only if design, rhetoric, technology and sales go hand in hand, only then do you have a really kesse website!

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Mobile First and SEO optimization are the cornerstones of a technical website – no doubt! Of course you will also get that from us. But maybe the structure of an e-mail distribution list, the integration of an appointment calendar or simply a strong monkey fist fits your website goals. KESS combines everything!

Website technology that inspires. . . sometimes isn’t everything! It depends on the right use! Because the technology has to fit your website goals. And if you now think that this is a given, then ask yourself now why we explicitly mention it here and of course pay attention to it!

ALL YOU NEED IS KESS! 360-degree marketing support on request
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We can not only create websites! Everything you need for your corporate communication – offline & we have online under the KESS umbrella! Whether logo development, business cards, flyers or social media – with us you as a company are fully catered for.

Not only do we love what we do, but we also have a real sense of it! Don’t you think? Well somehow you’ve landed on this page;-) Truth, clarity and fun – are our values, we live them, we love them.

Our slogan:

KESS+ NETWORKS+ YOU. Large network in Leipzig & surroundings
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“Only together are we strong” . . . that’s what our grandmother used to say. And if we’re honest, it’s true! Of course, you can also create, accomplish and accomplish many things on your own – no question! But imagine, you get not only a great website from KESS, but also potential customers? How cheap would that be?

Yes, at KESS we make sure that we link our FAMES together, introduce each other and sometimes even combine them in such a way that they have already become real KESS babies;-) If you are our Fame, then we are constantly stirring the advertising drum for you: on our Wall of FAME, on our social media channels, on our website, on our numerous landing pages, at our events, at our seminars, at our workshops and of course once a year at our legendary KESS+ PARTY. And if you recommend us again, then there is “Cash in the Pocket” –

Ready for a SELLING KESSE website?

Answer questions, enter website wishes and receive website offers from KESS

Non-binding, free and informative exchange on site in Karli 1A, by zoom or phone



From A as a doctor to Z as a dentist from sole proprietors to wholesalers our customers come from a wide variety of industries and sizes. We love variety, variety we just love our FAMES!

Yvonne Weißenborn and Frances Tscheu (v.l.)
Manufacturers KESS FACTORY GmbH

Winner of the German Agency Award 2022 & 20233

KESSE WebsitesReferences

And here just for you a small, large excerpt from our sales psychology website portfolio.
Yes, our websites are not only KESS, but also sales-psychologically and (mostly) written.

Ready for a SELLING KESSE website?

Answer questions, enter website wishes and receive website offers from KESS

Non-binding, free and informative exchange on site in Karli 1A, by zoom or phone

und wer steckt nun hinter der kess factory?

Hey, wir sind Frances & Yvonne,
die Fabrikantinnen* dieser KESSEN FACTORY.

*Fabrikantinnen ist der etwas coolere Name für Geschäftsführerin 😉

Yvonne Weißenborn and Frances Tscheu (v.l.)
KESS FACTORY GmbH Manufacturers

and who is behind the kess factory now?

Hey, we’re Frances & Yvonne,
the manufacturers* of this KESSEN FACTORY.

*Manufacturers is the cooler name for CEO 😉

Our KESSES team and we will definitely find the right solution for your website creation. Because beware: there is not only solution 1, but also 2, 3, 4. . . that is for every wallet and for every individual goal. But we can talk about this in person on the website Projektgespräch.

Now again quickly to us personally:

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The right here in the picture (Frances Tscheu) is an absolute technical expert in our house.
Feeling she answers every technical question from the FF and implements it really kess on your website. Shop system? Sales funnel? Online academy? Calendar of events? Google ads? Voucher system? Plugins? . . . You tell her what you need for a technique on your website and she and her team will find the perfect solution. By the way, also the most beautiful design to go with it;-)

The left in the picture (Yvonne Weißenborn) has been doing nothing but marketing & sales for 25 years and is an absolute star when it comes to BRAND.
Before you even get a website, it takes you for 1-2 hours in “seizlag” and lays with you a solid website foundation. And believe us: it’s really worth it! After this conversation, she will construct a sales psychology website for you, write your SEO-optimized sales texts/website texts and build everything so that your website goals are achievable;-)

KESS Factory on siteSneak Peak KESS office

The KESSEN websites are created here in our factory in Karli 1A. Every 3rd Thursday of the month, our KESSE network event “Wurstsemmel” takes place here, our annual KESS Party, our MIN(K)T children’s courses and much more. instead. Simply register without obligation in our website Strategy Call and get to know us at FACTORY.
Promote with your website
the future of our children

Maybe you should know one small, but really important thing: At KESS, you don’t just get a high-selling website that speaks your language!

At KESS you will also become a sponsor for our children!

Because part of our income goes into our HEART+ CHILDREN+ PROJECT. called A YETI FOR CHILDREN! KESS would be nothing without you. And with KESS you are guaranteed to get some good benefits;-) WIN-WIN for EVERYONE! Haste thought. . . let’s go one step further and think one step further – about our future – our children! That’s why we donate a portion of our income and regularly open the FACTORY doors to be able to offer our children free MINKT courses and to challenge & promote them! GIVE & TAKE! That’s KESS!

Get a glimpse of the last children’s course in the Factory here.

And what? Now you are convinced that you can not only get a KESSE website here, but also do something good at the same time?

Website Angebot erhalten

Simply answer questions briefly and receive a KESS website offer.


Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 1A
04107 Leipzig

KESS ist Gewinner des Deutschen Agenturpreises 2022 & 2023!

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