Make your company a BEST-seller!
Benefit from over 20 years
sales psychology & neurolinguistic knowledge – ONLINE & OFFLINE.
Sounds good? Then let’s talk:
Non-binding, free and informative exchange on site in Karli 1A,
by zoom or phone

Sell, sell, sell!

Do you know what one of the most negative words of the Germans is?


Why this is so, we do not know. After all, somehow everyone lives from selling and not just from air & love.
Therefore, we do not understand why the most important tool of a company is usually treated in such a paternal way.

“No, it’s not supposed to sell! We don’t want to hurt anyone! People should only be informed and we only advise them!”

Do you know those phrases too?
We unfortunately have enough. .
After all, you founded your company in order to make others happy with your products and services, to give a benefit or to bring an advantage. But your customers only get it if they buy from YOU!

And that’s exactly what we pay attention to!
We make sure that your customers feel comfortable with you right from the start and want to buy from you.
Online and offline!

Trust me, our Yeti is a very nice guy!


We chat from the KESSbox: Our yeti is writing KESS history.

We write history(s)

Now you’re probably wondering:
“What do you do differently from others?”
And we answer:
“Sort of everything!”

I’m sure you’ll understand at this point that we don’t just talk about what we do differently.
But we tell you the most important thing:

We make history(s) because we have not only learned it, but can!

20 years of reputation

20 years of positive reputation speak clearly for our team😉

But while were at it:
“What makes you so unique?”

We want to be there when you tell it!

Here is the way to do it...

Online or offline?

LONG LIVE KESS! We – the KESS FACTORY GmbH – live our brand.

Es steht sich besser auf zwei beinen

Have you ever thought about how and where to sell best?
Of course selling online is great!! Let’s do it.
But it is better on 2 legs. It is better to sit on 4 letters. And it’s better…

Well, what kind of NUMBER could come up now?

If the answer is clearly ambiguous, we’ve got you!

Welcome to the world of communication, positive rhetoric. Welcome to the country where BRAND+ DIGITAL+ SALE. Go hand in hand and we work with you – and all online + offline!

After all, your company should still work when the power goes out!

What do you think now?

Will the initial 15 minutes on the phone with us be worth it, in which you briefly and concisely describe your company topic?
Will it be the chance of a lifetime? (Henry Ford – cough, cough)
Or just a nice chat in your life ?
What would our customers say now?

You know what? It’s all up to you!
The world is open to you!
And with it our phone, our e-mail inbox, our newsletter and of course our FACTORY door in Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1A! 1A …even our house number speaks for itself 😉
See you in a minute…

WE SELL online,

WE sell offline.

Because the MIX does it!
The best website is of no use to you if the customer calls you and you can’t “sell” it on the phone.
And the most beautiful business card is of no use to you, if it is put in some wallet.
EVERYTHING only benefits you if it brings an advantage to your customers, right?

So just take the opportunity now, if you are already here and

Trust me, our Yeti is a very nice guy!

That’s only for us!
Did you know that we are the first in Germany to have our own online shop for online & offline communication (at least our Yeti has not discovered any yet)? Here you will find a selection of our SALE+ Products. In the KESS+ SALE+ Shop. you will find all SALE+ Products.
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