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Attention! The Truth …

Can you handle one more truth?

Building a website these days is no longer a witchcraft. The many tutorials and the many inexpensive modular systems tempt some to sit down and build their own homepage. Or maybe some of them call themselves web designers and offer their works at dumping prices.
But many also master their craft and pay attention to SEO, SEA, Responsive Design, user-friendliness and a beautiful design…

A website that sells!


On sales psychology, on a psychological structure, on neuromarketing and on sales rhetoric that is optimized for search engines.
Or in short: On SALE!
Combined with BRAND, you get from us – the KESS FACTORY – your perfect DIGITAL machine.
This is our USP!
Establish your foundation with us and then let’s (fair) magic together!

Digital marketing

No, digital marketing is not even something to post on Facebook and Co. And yes, Google Ads is marketing, but it’s not marketing.

For a really good digital presence you need a really good online & offline marketing strategy. And it has to be tailored to your target group, your company and your goals. Otherwise, you will soon be like 80% of humanity: “Advertising is useless!”

Although, you can’t say that, because advertising is, as you know, only part of it. And that real advertising works is proven by all the companies that make money with it.
But these also have a complete strategy and know the secrets of marketing psychology, based on neuronal processes in the human brain.
Here we have these words again: psychology and neuromarketing!
It’s a good thing you ended up with us. Because we master them;-)

Do you have a digital fingerprint that is found when people search for your service, your products, your company?
What exactly are people looking for when they search for certain things on the net?
How do you reach them?
Let’s find out. . .

Trust me, our Yeti is a very nice guy!

Social Media

Yvonne Weissenborn & Frances Tscheu
Manufacturers KESS FACTORY

“Does it matter?”

Does a company really have to be on all social media channels?
And if so, which channel is the right one?
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn or WhatsApp? And what content do I need to fill the individual channels with to get added value? And who’s going to take care of it? And in general. . .
Do I really need social media?
Mouth propaganda is still the best advertising there is, right?

We answer these and more questions almost every day. And almost always with the same answer:

“It depends!”

We will find your way

If you also want to know what really matters in social media life, which channel really brings something or what opportunities are there, then contact us.

Tell us your story and who knows, maybe you will tell it soon…???

WE make digital,

We make strategies.

And that’s the whole secret behind a good digital presence:

The strategy, combined with BRAND+ SALE+ psychology and Google & Co. will love you soon! And maybe you will love us after our Strategy Call, which by the way is for you without any obligation… ALL YOU NEED IS LO… ähhh… KESS;-)

Trust me, our Yeti is a very nice guy!

KESSE website projectsSneak Peak Wall of Fame

Some customer projects are even publicly placed on our Wall of Fame. Yes, we have our own WALL of FAME! All kessen projects offline in our FACTORY in Leipzig. But you can now find some projects here also digitally – colourful industries mixed. Because yes, no matter what industry you are at home in – KESS also speaks your language!


The delicatessen chain in Central Germany
Leipzig, Erfurt, Dresden & Halle

Sales psychology website launch

Shop system with over 3000 products

Social Media & E-Mail Marketing Support
Learn more about the project
GOURMÉTAGE- The delicatessen address in Central Germany! Yes, here too we enjoy fabulous confidence. KESS has not only created a brand new website (from 50 pages to 350 pages plus an online shop with 3000 products) in terms of sales psychology and SEO, but also has the complete marketing and PR support in hand.

Here we are talking about 5 specialist shops in Leipzig, Halle, Dresden and Erfurt, the online shop system, countless events, as well as the opera ball in Leipzig, social media, Google shopping, print advertising, employee training, sales training and and and and… and there is no end in sight;-)

Yes, the GOURMÉTAGE has recognised it perfectly: ALL YOU NEED IS KESS! Oh, and what is also very interesting: GOURMÉTAGE is now the only medium-sized company in Germany that has an OFFLINE & ONLINE voucher system.

Sounds normal? Actually, it wasn’t. KESS did it!

Herms Bau
Pool construction, Garden & Landscaping, Civil engineering

Sales psychology website creation

Google Ads support

Google My Business Optimization
Learn more about the project

Why only DREAM about it, when you can also dream at night?” This was one of the first sentences of Claudia & Daniel Herms when they were asked by us in the foundation workshop what makes their company so special.

And yes, their services fulfill exactly this sentence: because Herms Bau stands primarily for pool construction! And lets face it: who of us hasnt dreamt of having our own pool in the garden in the summer? The Herms family not only makes this dream possible, but the entire team also takes care of everythingdrum around.

In other words, the gardening, landscaping and civil engineering (perhaps for the giant palm tree next to the pool?) is also in the best hands with you. Well, and KESS has now made sure that not only the company name, the company colors and the complete logo have changed, but also for the matchingMOMENTUM mascot. Oh yes, and of course we made the website too😉

Elektrotechnische Geräte Böhlitz-Ehrenberg

Electrotechnical & mechanical components

Sales psychology website launch

Technology Call Website Step-by-Step Guide

Policy advice

Learn more about the project
The company Elektrotechnische Gernet Béhlitz-Ehrenberg, EGB for short, based in Leipzig, has consistently committed itself to the use of green energy and the promotion of electromobility. The global changes in the energy sector and the increasing environmental impact have inspired EGB to actively contribute to solving these challenges.

And at the same time, they were also inspired by KESS to redesign the website.
There was a complete relaunch with new technology, new layout, sales psychology texts and of course new content. Even our KESS photographer was booked for an in-house business photo shoot to shine a new light on the employees and, of course, the factory.

At the same time, the sales psychological flyers were conceived in English and German and a strategic discussion was held for the next projects.

So it remains interesting what will follow here at EGB all KESSES…


Holiday home on the Stettiner Haff

Sales psychology website creation

E-mail marketing connection

Social media support

Learn more about the project
From residence on the Stettiner Haff became the HAFFHÄUSER: 2 houses, 10 holiday apartments, 1 name and 2 goals: to find individual owners for the holiday apartments and to attract many holidaymakers for them.

Mathias Kuper and his business partner entrusted this project to KESS. And we realised very quickly that this name won’t work in 100 years. So we developed a brand new brand, with a new name, a new claim, a new logo.

We created a brand new website that covered both the task of selling the apartments and attracting holidaymakers. The result is impressive: the flats are sold and the number of holidaymakers is rising and rising.

Why is that? Of course, because this site not only offers all the technical requirements, but is also very sales-psychological. Do you find the (sales) secrets?

Higher Self Leadership Empowerment

Executive Coaching

Policy advice

Sales psychology website launch

Online member area

Learn more about the project
You are a coach, trainer or consultant and you need a website that immediately creates trust, shows what you do and ultimately sells your services? Right?

Then you are on the same wavelength with KESS and Birgit Ullrich. Because Birgit also came to KESS for precisely these reasons. Although she already had a website, she quickly realized that it didn’t do her any good. Messy, untrustworthy and somehow not her.

So she pressed RESET and had KESS develop everything again. And now? Now Birgit Ullrich – the top manager, coach and expert for Higher Self Leadership – is breaking all the boundaries of leadership with her clients: HIGHER SELF LEADERSHIP EMPOWERMENT!



Sales psychology website creation

Digital marketing consulting

Practice equipment: signs, adhesive and much more.

Learn more about the project
It should be different. Out of the box she should be. No typical dental practice site they should be. Okay, THOMAS STEINBRÜCK – Challenge accepted!

After an insightful foundation workshop, we started a process of rethinking. What could such a website look like? What colors could we use? And how do you manage to “different” and “new” and at the same time convey the “old tried and tested” to regular patients? Here Yvonne had to really reach into the sales psychology trick box. And as you can see: With success!

The site was taken down exactly as it was developed. And the nice thing is, it’s far from finished. With the growth of the practice, this website of Thomas will also grow. Everything is already prepared in the background. Now we’re just waiting for the next shows!


Animal physiotherapy

Sales psychology website creation

Setting up website blog system

Technique Call Google Ads Step-by-Step Guide
Learn more about the project
If an idea should suddenly become reality, do it like Vicki and Andreas from PollyDogs and come to KESS. Yes, the two finally wanted to realize their dream of their own animal physiotherapy, searched the net for “website create in Leipzig” and came to the KESS page.

Encouraged by the YETI (and hopefully by us a little too;-)) they joined the Strategy Call and hit the FACTORY with concentrated dog power. As always, Yvonne took the necessary time, let herself be told exactly her dreams and goals, made her hearty recommendation, and both left Dannen again.

And in fact, a few weeks went by until suddenly the phone rang and the decision was made for KESS…In the meantime PollyDogs is firmly integrated into the KESS family: there were not only further orders to KESS, but also several orders to PollyDogs.

Because with our KESSE networking opportunities, which we offer through our advertising and events, EVERYONE always benefits from each other. And if you find the “normal” in an “agency”, then be told: Take & give, give & take has become very rare in today’s society! At KESS we live it!

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