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We develop brands

Brands are created in the mind

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. ”
Walter Landor

It’s a good thing we have both the factory and the brains.

Landor, born in Munich, was a renowned marketing expert and designer. Whether he or his team put the famous brand logos like Coca Cola, British Airways, General Motors or General Electric on paper is not really known. And if we’re honest, it doesn’t really matter.

Feeling, Emotion, Reputation

There’s only one thing that’s important: it was created in the head! In a man’s head.
And yes, the technology is really intelligent these days, which is good. But a machine can’t feel yet. And a branding, a brand, a design is still a FEELING, an EMOTION, and ultimately a REPUTATION.

And these three together make a brand into a brand. Make a company an employer. Make yourself a point of attraction for your customers.
And to do that will be our REPUTATION!

Stand out from the crowd

A brand is not a logo, a color or a name.
A brand MUST create more. It must generate momentum that makes your customers, your employees and your business partners “FANS of your company”. We could cite Apple as an example here, but we are not doing that now.

But what we need to do now:
Tell the truth!
Every 3rd entrepreneur always makes a crucial mistake: he saves at the wrong end or invests in things that he does not need, AND usually neglects the most important thing that makes his company:

And that includes a little more than a beautiful logo, beautiful colors and a perfect product.

You need a fingerprint that makes you individual, today, tomorrow and ideally forever.
So blacken your thumb and press it on the KESS papers…let’s see who you really are!

Trust me, our Yeti is a very nice guy!

Frances Tscheu and Yvonne Weissenborn
Manufacturers KESS FACTORY GmbH



Do you know what our secret is?
Not the more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales, not the many trainings, studies or textbooks.It is our hearts, our emotions and our experiences that we let speak in the “production of your corporate identity” and then put on paper.

And one more important thing:
We’re listening! Take our time!
And always make sure that the worm tastes good for the fish and not for the fisherman;-)

Trust me, our Yeti is a very nice guy!


because from KESS.

Thank you for your confidence!

Here at the FACTORY,
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 1A in Leipzig,
the KESSEN brands are created!

KESSE Brand ProjectsSneak Peak Wall of Fame

Some brand projects are even placed on our Wall of Fame. Yes, we have our own WALL of FAME! Some projects digitally on our KESS page, all projects offline in our FACTORY in Leipzig. But of course we have brought you some brand references here:
Anchorable logo & name development

When our FAME the GOURMÉTAGE (THE DELICACY ADDRESS IN CENTRAL GERMANY) came to us with their new idea, we were immediately on fire. But not by the chosen name! The managing directors wanted to name their new wine bar “Weinbar Leipzig” and already presented us with their logo. Both the name and the logo did not fit into the concept, philosophy or corporate goals. So we made a short process: we found a new name, …

Read more about Project
… developed a new word imagery and put the whole thing in a new writing form.

Since then there is the WEIN.KOST.BAR in Leipzig, a place of communication, conviviality, passion for quality, craftsmanship and pleasure united and whose name now also unites everything – psychologically, unique and anchored – …thanks to KESS;-)
Here you will find more KESSE information about our cooperation with WEIN.KOST.BAR.


Holiday home on Stettiner Haff
Anchorable logo & name development

Here we have another example of a FAMES that did not have the desired success with its chosen name. Yes, it was just the name! The name is the A & O of a brand, a logo. Many entrepreneurs always think that this is not so important. Sometimes it’s true! It just depends on the product on it. But what do you think sells better? White tennis socks or…

Read more about Project
…white tennis socks with a “NIKE” (Victory) sign on them? Yes, Nomen est Omen! Also at the HAFFHÄUSERN. A short rebranding, a different name, claim and appearance and the success story began! That’s KESS!

Click here for the Haffhäuser project page, where you can find more information about the KESSE collaboration.

dentist Steinbrück

dentist practice

Anchorable logo & name development with claim finding
The name was simple, simple: Dentist Steinbrück! But how do you present this name in such a way that the patients can anchor it immediately and the complete brand (ting) communication can take place about it? That’s right! I had to get the right logo. And so we designed a logo that was not only sales-psychological, but also our dentist THOMAS STEINBRÜCK…
Read more about Project
… can use its complete practical communication. Because if you take a closer look at the logo – do you realize that it has the shape of a sign? What do you think now, how the individual door signs of the treatment rooms are branded? What shape does the tooth remind you of? With which names can you exchange DENTIST STEINBRÜCK? And and and and. . . At KESS you get more than just a logo. At KESS you get your complete brand communication right away! That makes the difference between a logo for 50€ from the net or a KESSEN LOGO from the FACTORY! You decide where you want to save…

Click here to go to the KESSEN project page with more details about the dentist project.

MediationsStube Ina Gölker

Mediator & Coach

Anchorable logo & name development with claim finding

“Or how a cabinet picture turned into a brand. ” When Ina came to us at the FACTORY, she brought nothing but a picture of a closet. It should definitely be in your mediation room. She knew that, we developed everything else;-) Yvonne just let Ina talk about it at the foundation workshop, took note of Ina’s wishes and thoughts and…

Read more about the project
… developed the new brand name, the USP and finally the logo (and then the complete brand communication with website, flyer, car branding, business card etc…). Of course, everything is sales-psychological, unique and anchored. And if you believe that it is easy to develop a complete brand, a complete company from a cabinet image, then apply to us immediately. But if you – like Ina – just let the experts work and focus on what you do well – YOUR BUSINESS – then you not only save yourself a lot of money and a lot of nerves, but also have enough time to work on your business. And that’s what distinguishes successful people from less successful people!

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That’s only for us!

Did you know that we are the first in Germany to have our own online shop for online & Offline communication (at least our Yeti has not discovered any yet)? Here you will find a selection of our BRAND+ Produkte. In the KESS BRAND+ Shop you will find all BRAND+ Products.

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